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3 Dec 2013

5 Tips for Making Your Website Beautiful on Any Device

Maintaining a useful online identity for your business in today's world depends on adapting your web presence to the wide range of online devices people now use to view your website. The visual appeal of your website depends on how people see it. If the site can't be displayed adequately on many different devices, then it's effectiveness will be seriously compromised. Here's a list of five tips to keep in mind for maintaining your web site's beauty no matter how it is being viewed.

Keep Your Site Simple

Keep the total number of web pages on your site low. People shouldn't have to click many layers deep into your menu structure to find what they need. By the same token, keep each page simple and include only what is needed on each one. Also try to keep the total number of items to be loaded on each page to a minimum. This will help with your load-times, which can be especially important for clients viewing with older browsers or equipment.

Use White Space

Use white space graphically on each page to separate discrete elements. This tactic will give your entire web site a more sophisticated look. Just think of how effectively Apple has used the simplicity of well-used white space to define their brand! Separating out buttons and other clickable items on each page in this way also makes it easier for people to use your site.

Include Your Branding

Be sure that each page includes your branding elements, whatever they may be. Once you start getting repeat visitors, they will be reassured by the familiar sight of your pages. The repeated use of your logo and other branding elements can also enhance the beauty of the graphic design motif you use.

Avoid Greedy Elements

Avoid those web page elements that are resource hogs. Flash is the most obvious culprit. Many smartphones and other devices do not support Flash. Inefficient Java code can be a problem because of the time needed to load and run. SolutionStream Java software developer can be a potential resource on using Java effectively.

Avoid Text Entry

Avoid fields that require text entry. There's a drag on performance for the extra code that processes text. In addition, it's difficult to type text on the small mobile devices. Use check-off lists or drop-down menus for choices a viewer has to make. If text is absolutely necessary, try to pre-populate fields with text you derive from the viewer's meta-data.

Keeping your website beautiful is not a one-time effort. As you make adjustments and changes, remember to keep the users of various platforms in mind so that you will be able to impress the greatest number of clients and increase you reach.

Author: Samantha Stainsburry

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30 Nov 2013

A Perfect Brand Strategy

Creating Clear And Consistent Identity For Your Products.
What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is a term defined as that to understand the performance of business and improve it. It is a clear set of plans and actions, which is governed by a single stated direction. The perfect planning allows your business to improve its reputation and boost its position in the market place.
Why brand strategy?
Today, branding has become as one of the most important aspects of business strategy. Most of the people consider branding as merely an advertising function. Simply, it is a key tool for maintaining competitive advantage. Do you know a company following the well- executed branding strategy achieves important advantages over its rivals? Really, it clearly positions your products in the minds of customers and prospects. Also, it provides your business with quick recognition by your target audience with consequent impact on your sales success.
The brand strategy needs an in-depth analysis of every facet of your market. This helps to identify who the brand appeals to, and also gives a clear idea about what market you are targeting. After knowing your market, you have to think about how you are going to position and price your brand.

Choosing right brand design strategy
The brand designers should be highly specialized and experienced in this field to build a business reputation and help them to stand unique from their competitors. One such example are the brand design agencies in London who are leading in this industry with their experience and creativeness. Below mentioned are some of the steps which will help you to strategize the brand of your company.
  • Choose a dynamic name – Choosing a name for your company is the most important step while creating a brand. The name you have chosen should draw the attention of the customers. It should sound generic which means that, even if your company product changes with time, the name still be functional. Naming your business is a daunting task. Pick a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Don’t be a copy cat and avoid using puns.
  • Unique logo – When you are launching a new company, it is another essential factory to be considered. The important decision taken by a business owner is finalizing logo to their company. This is because it is crucial for growing of your business. The logo you have chosen should capture your essence as well as coordinate with the name that you have chosen to your company. Make sure that your logo must be created by the professional designers. Make sure that you need to choose for the attractive style for your logo which delivers a perfect message about your company products and services.

Author Bio: - Wilson George, a professional graphic designer working in a brand design agency in London, who is well experienced in this industry. He has awarded as the best designer as he delivered more than 50 unique logo designs. Apart from his profession, he is also interested to share his views about designing field through his articles. 
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10 Sep 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Web Design

American legend Red Adair once said “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until
you hire an amateur.” Now, he was an oil-well fighter but there’s a 30% chance that he was also referring to the complex process of web design – maybe.

He’s right though – it can be extremely difficult to design or create something that you don’t fully understand. A thing like web design is especially hard, because it’s a thing that anybody can do but few can do well. So many companies take on the job of designing their own websites, only to find that what they’ve created isn’t very effective. They confuse usefulness with clutter - filling their sites with widgets and plugins that aren’t relevant or necessary. They hide their customer registration forms in deep, dark corners of their homepages. They forget that a website is designed to do a job and is not there to simply look pretty.

It takes an internet user approximately two tenths of a second to form an impression of a website. Scientists have termed this process the ‘halo effect,’ – if a website looks visually appealing an internet user will judge its content to be of a similar quality. It’s absolutely vital that businesses create and maintain company websites that cater to this very specific user model. So what are the absolute no-no’s when it comes to web design?

Music plugins, especially ones that auto-play, have never been and will never be a useful addition to your website. The only exception to the rule is if your company has a direct need for audio information. Instrument and speaker retailers, for example, can get away with sticking an audio sample on their site. Even then, they should never let it auto-play. A lot of internet users browse the web at work – there’s nothing more embarrassing than having your 5 minute slack off exposed to the office via a very loud and unexpected blast of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby.’ Visitors who are tempted onto your site will be turned off by the auto-playing of music they don’t want to hear.

Forgetting to direct users towards your website’s registration form is another big no-no. Not every company site has a membership or mailing list but most do. You must either make the location of this form either obvious or you must provide clear directions to it. Losing potential members or customers just because they can’t find a way to get involved with your company is a silly and wholly avoidable problem. If possible, try to limit the amount of advertisements on your site and do not allow flashing text or pop ups. It might look pretty in your eyes, but to a visitor its more than likely distracting.

The most effective websites are those that load quickly and are user-friendly. This means creating and cultivating just one particular style, says journalist Sandra Hennessey. When it comes to web design, one of the most common mistakes is to think that more ‘stuff’ means better a better site. A good website has clear and consistent branding, a good balance between images and text and plenty of free space. Remember – empty space isn’t wasted space. It’s a necessary part of web design and it helps internet users to make their first impressions quickly.

Every page should download within a tenth of a second and follow a clear, logical path from the site’s homepage. If the pages of your company website are taking a long time to load, you need to change the way that it is coded or designed. Visitors will not return to a website that is inefficient or boring in any way. Don’t forget that customer satisfaction is your number one priority and if potential customers aren’t coming back for a second or a third look – there’s something wrong.

Don’t let a badly designed website deprive your business of customers, hire professionals like Deep Blue Sky. Think as Red Adair did and make sure that handing the job over to an amateur won’t cost you more than you think.

Author Bio: Rosette is a web developer and the author of several publications on web design. She recommends Deep Blue Sky for the very best SEO and web design.Rosette can be found online blogging about a variety of web development strategies.
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4 Sep 2013

Why do you struggle to promote your website?

It is a sluggish question why you are struggling to promote your website. The reason is that you are facing many problems due to some constraints for promoting your website as well. 

Actually, if you seriously think about these constraints, then you will get the solution for it as well. Moreover, your intelligence and perseverance will help you to overcome it after judging these problems minutely. If you compare your website with life, then you will feel that the website is itself is a single individual and have life in it as well. 

Therefore, you have to treat it accordingly. One interesting point to ponder is that when you will promote your website, then it will begin to walk on the internet ground. Therefore, it will make some friends along its pathways, which will start to bring the visitors for your business as well.

You should know that every website needs some finance for getting into the reality. Therefore, due to the lack of finance can hamper the promotion of the website as well. Actually, you will require money to promote your website in the internet. Since, the lack of money will make your website a big setback as far as the business is concerned. The reason is that if you could not promote your website in the different channels in the internet community, then you will lose a large numbers of the visitors as well.
If your financial capacity is better, then you will have a greater chance for promoting your website. If your financial capacity is not sound, then you will never compete with your competitors in the internet as well. Even, it is observed that when the financial capacity is weak, then website stuffs are not built strong. Therefore, the website will suffer in the fierce competition on the internet community as well. In this case, the website owner will suffer most. Therefore, the better planning is essential for promoting your website without any hesitation.

When you are going to promote your website, then you will need a mentor for the promotion of the website. The reason is that if you get the proper guidance from an expert or mentor, then it will be easy for you to promote the website in the proper direction as well. Actually, you will do it in the right direction. It is very much important for your promotion purpose. The reason is that if you get the proper direction, then your promotion will get the real shape as well.
The main purpose of the mentor is that he or she will read your website thoroughly and then the mentor will guide you how you will promote your website in such a way that it will bring you a lot of business as well. Practically, the mentor is essential for any promotion. Because, the mentor will tune your plan in such a way that you can go through the smooth pathway. It will make you more successful as well.

If you lost your focus before promoting your website, then you will face a tremendous problem. The reason is that your labor and money will be lost and will never make enough business to survive on the internet community. If your focus is clear and has a better perspective, then it is sure that you will be successful in your goal. Therefore, focusing is very much needed for a good promotional plan. Actually, it will give you a better perspective for your website as well. Before promoting your website, you should have a ruthless focusing for it. Otherwise, you will be nowhere in the internet business community as well.

Sometimes, you may face difficulty to execute your promotion for your website. It happens due to the lack of proper work force and planning could jeopardize your promotion as well. If you could not afford the better infrastructure for execution of your website promotion, then your chance of success is very much bleak. If you like to execute your promotion in the proper way, then you have to follow all steps of website development well.

It is a vital issue for you when you are going to promote your website. The reason is that if you can compare your website well with your competitors, then definitely you will able to promote your website precisely on the internet community as well. The better comparison and positive one will bring you maximum benefits for your purpose as well.
Therefore, it is sure that you will never to struggle a lot for promoting your website, if you follow all the steps of website promotion gracefully.

About the Author:
This Post is written by Margaret. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, WordPress, Gamification, luxury interior design, website development and online development etc. These days she contributes on luxury home interiors

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26 Aug 2013

Top Tips For Getting Your Design Printed

Freelance designers really do have it hard sometimes. Jobs like copy-writing and photography can be just as difficult but they don’t involve the degree of detail or intensity that graphicdesign does. A graphic designer or freelance cartoonist can spend 8 hours creating and editing a one minute scene. Yet, they very often don’t get paid enough and they’re subject to the whims, demands and complaints of clients who don’t fully understand the nature of the job. 

Yes, being a freelance designer isn’t easy but most wouldn’t have it any other way. They make their own hours, they sometimes get to set their own rates, they work in comfortable and familiar surroundings and they get to do what they love every single day. The question is – what happens when it’s time to leave the bedroom or the office and start getting your work out there? How do you go about getting a design printed? Here’s a handy guide to getting your work noticed and your designs printed. 

Send Fan Mail 

When it comes to finding design opportunities – why not aim high? The very worst thing than can happen is that an individual says no to you, and if you can’t deal with rejection in the business that you’re in – you’ve got problems. Art director Larry Mayorga believes that everybody likes to be praised, no matter how big or successful they are. Try sending out some cheeky fan letters via email. Target the designers that inspire your own work and let them know about it. This is an organic, non-pushy way to get your designs into the hands of influential individuals. Again, the very worst that can happen is that they won’t read your email at all. Most will send you a grateful reply and if they see something that they like in your work – they could even offer you an opportunity to get printed on posters or shirts. 

Enter Competitions 

You’d be surprised at the amount of high profile graphic design competitions that go on every week online, says designer Hongkiat Lim. There are thousands of companies out there who’d absolutely jump at the chance not to have to pay a designer to create a print for their shirts, bags, posters or other products. Many of these companies regularly run competitions and these contests are great for designers looking to get noticed and printed. The vast majority of these competitions involve T-shirt design, so the winner gets their work printed and promoted on a shirt. If the company running the contest is quite a big name – who knows how far yourdesign could go? 

Connect With Design Blogs 

A lot of design blogs have very receptive and supportive online communities. They tend to be full of avid graphic design fans who tweet, post and share the designs that they like over and over. This can be an ideal way for a freelancer to get noticed and printed. If you really want to get some exposure, make it clear to bloggers that they can use your design on T-shirts, bags and posters. Do be careful when going down this road though – make sure that there is a unique signature incorporated somewhere on the design and don’t allow people this option if you’re worried about copyright issues or what might happen to it down the line. Once it’s gone, it’s gone – at least to a large extent. When you’re young and you’re just starting out though, distributing designs can be a great way to get printed. As your influence grows, you should become more stringent with copyright issues. 

Author Bio: Rosette is head designer at a graphic design agency. She gets her business cards from Print My Pixel. She previously spent four years as a freelance professional.
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3 Jul 2013

Topical Trends of Magento Development

Magento has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years as one of the most popular development framework available for developing E-commerce solutions. 

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of Magento Development in the E-commerce space is its ability to meet various complex business requirements. Magento offers a number of tools and ready made plug ins for developing feature rich shopping carts.

Magento Shopping Cart Development

Magento gives a professional look to the shopping cart applications by providing business friendly features like

1. Multiple store viewing Capability

2. Currency rate updates

3. Inbuilt Search Engine Optimization functionality

4. Capability to add unlimited number of product types, product attributes, product categories and payment methods

5. Open source with continuous development of new features by Magneto development community

6. Mobile commerce capability

Multiple store viewing capability

Magento shopping cart provides the ability to create different views of the store. Once the different views have been created, each view can used to target a specific language and a specific demographic. Using the Administration panel features available in Magento shopping cart, developers can translate the different views in to a specific language. Translation is carried out in a three staged manner. Initially, the header menus are translated. After this, the catalog information is translated and then finally the CMS content would get translated.

Magento E-commerce development and payment gateway integration

Magento has different E-Commerce development software versions available for small business and medium and large sized business units. Magento provides a number of layouts, blocks, templates and models to the developers for coming out with a robust and a scalable E-Commerce web site. Developers can make use of the set up resources options available in Magento to configure the files create installer scripts.

When it comes to payment gateway integration, developers are provided with a standard set of tools that would enable them to complete the integration with the popular payment gateways such as the Autorize.Net, Pay pal and WorldPay for customers spread across the globe. For customers in North America, Magento provides configuration options for integration with PSigate and Brain Tree. In Europe, the different payment gateways that can be integrated with Magento include, sage pay direct, card gate plus and ogone direct link.

Magento Theme and Extension Development

Magento has a complete library of professionally designed themes which can be used by the developers as a base and extend the selected theme by adding their own functionality. As part of the Magento web development, developers can choose a particular theme including the popular modern theme for creating the base layout. The modern theme comes with 2 columns with a right bar. The themes can be extended by using a set of Magento design tools.

Magento Skins Development

There are quite a few ready made templates and skins available for creating a perfect feature rich online store. Among them, some of the popular ones are listed below.

1. Ultimo theme, which is perfect for setting up multiple stores and comes with outstanding features like image zooming with light box

2. Shopper, which is a retina ready Magento theme

3. Fortis Theme, which has the capability to display random products.

Magento Add-Ons and Customization

Magento provides different types of Add-ons such as

Marketing Support Add-ons
Payment Service Add-ons
Store Design Add-ons

Marketing Support Add-ons come in different forms including Mail-chimp Email signup option for the Magento pages, Olark live chat option and online advertising add-ons such as Modoa.

Payment Service add-ons provides perfect integration with a number of popular payment gateways including Paypal,, Cyber source and Paybox.

Store design Add on is extremely useful to the store owner in adding themes specific to their area of business. The different add-ons available include the Furniture store Add-on and the Electronics and Software store add-on.

Author Bio: Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix Magento, a  web development and magento mobile development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option. Get in touch with Brian
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27 Jun 2013

Cloud computing vs distributed computing

Cloud computing is the use of common resources or services from a service provider via the internet. Here, the vendor of cloud based services is totally responsible for the performance of the computing environment. These services are further classified into applications, platforms and infrastructure. 

The field of computing that deals with more than one system is called distributing computing. Basically, distributed computing is used to combine the power of multiple systems to achieve a single large goal.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a new concept in the field of computing. It is a network that masks the actual processing tasks going on within a system and provides a user with a simplified user interface with which they can communicate easily. The network is known as the service provider, while the users are referred as the subscribers. Subscribers are required to pay subscription fees for accessing the cloud resources. Based on the service provided, cloud computing is further classified into different categories. SaaS (software as a service) deals with providing software experience to its subscribers over the internet. PaaS (Platform as a service) is the division of cloud computing that offers a computer platform for its subscribers via the internet. IaaS (infrastructure as a service) mainly offers hardware infrastructure to its users. Finally, DaaS (Desktop as a service), is a category of cloud computing that provides its subscribers with the best desktop experience over the internet. With cloud computing, one needs to simply log into any one of these services and access their resources.

What is distributed computing? 

The field of computing that deals with more than one self-directed nodes communicating with each other is called distributed computing. Each of these computers has their own local memory. All nodes in the distributed system interact with each other to achieve a common large scale goal. Different users at each node may have different tasks and the distributed system helps the nodes to communicate with each other to achieve their purpose. This is done through message passing. Distributed computing can also be defined as the computing that solves a large scale problem by splitting it up into individual tasks, each of which is assigned to individual computers of the distributed system.

Cloud Computing vs Distributed Computing

Without cloud computing, if you had to computerize your organization, you should house one or more computer servers from which the staff can access the company’s licensed programs. Through cloud computing, the servers which deliver the services are hidden, with program usage allowed on an as-needed basis through subscription. With distributed computing you break up a large problem so that you have a set of computers work on it at the same time. Berkely University’s BOINC scientific research project is a good example of this. Here, the research projects are assigned to individual computers that volunteers provide. The individual nodes involved in such projects may include laptops, desktops or servers.


Cloud computing

  • Cloud computing brings down the company’s IT expenses. Traditional computing costs organizations a lot in terms of finance. Bearing the license fees for multiple nodes can prove more expensive for the business concerned. The cloud on the other hand cuts down the expenses significantly.
  • Cloud offers unlimited storage capacity.
  • Backup and recovery of your data is much easier than doing it on a physical device.
  • Cloud takes care of software integration.
  • Cloud allows you to access the data from anywhere provided you have an internet connection.  

Distributed computing

  • It is more flexible than a single system.
  • Its speed is more than a mainframe.
  • By distributing the computing load between different nodes, each system is under less stress.
  • If one node in the system crashes, the rest of the nodes continue to function.
  • Modern machines can be added incrementally. 


Cloud computing
  • In cases of network failure, the company cannot access the data stored in the Cloud.
  • Before adopting this service, you should be aware that you will be providing your company’s confidential information to a third-party. So make sure that you opt for the most reliable cloud service, who secures your data.
  • Storing sensitive information in the cloud could put your company to a great risk to hack attacks.
Distributed computing
  • Security is a major problem.
  • With slow internet connections, the transmission will suffer.
  • Sharing of data leads to security problems. 

About The Author: Gianna is a writer/blogger. She loves writing about technology, gadgets and social media. She contributes to content marketing
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