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28 Dec 2012

Most Forbidden Phrases for Bloggers

Bloggers just like sales executives should begin each day with a fresh outlook and great attitude. There are certain phrases when adopted and followed by bloggers can turn out to be toxic. Positive attitude which is revealed in the right words used is imperative to tune your brain right for a truly lasting success in blogging.Below are some of the phrases which are forbidden for bloggers:

"I Am Not in the Mood"

A blogger should never allow his mood to dictate his determination and the quality of his output. If you want to create quality blogging content everyday, implement strong social media marketing and optimize your SEO efforts creatively. The only way to succeed is the "just do it" attitude. There is no place for slackening as your success only depends on your will and enthusiasm.

"I Don't Have Time"

Bloggers can't delay providing what they have promised to their followers. Getting exhausted is not the excuse in failing to deliver an update or a guest post. You can't allow great opportunities to slip out in the face of heavy competition in the market. Bloggers should utilize their time optimally using tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck which will help in clearing time in a busy schedule. If there is something important, bloggers should surely find time for it.

"I Don't Know"

This is a trap into which beginners and experienced bloggers can fall into. Remember that there is no way that every blogger will know everything about creating, maintaining and popularizing their blog through social media. If you don't understand something just try to know more about it by reading more about it and asking questions on the forums. Don't neglect a key part of your blog just because you don't know about it.

"It's Not That Important"

The infrastructure of a proper blog may contain some details which may not appear crucial for success which is just a wrong premise. Many bloggers think that having a clear mission statement for their blog, proof reading the blog's content well, and having an attractive theme may not be so important for the success of their blog. But, experts' opinion often point to the contrary. Overlooking some important details will prove to be very costly over time for bloggers.

"Blogging is an Easy Gig"

Bloggers who think that blogging is an easy job are clearly mistaken. Monetizing your content on the internet by creating unique and well-written content is not an easy job. Blogging requires lot of hard work and there is no simple formula to succeed. The sky is truly the limit in blogging, but keeps in mind that you have to struggle all the way up.

"I Can't"

There is no way a blogger can think that they can't do something. You have to always think that you will and must do it. Obstacles are sure to come in the way. You have to jump over them or just bust through them.
Bloggers should overcome the negative attitude which comes associated with the above forbidden phrases if they have to taste success and stay ahead of competition.

About The Author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Vauxhall Astra VXR



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