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4 Jan 2013

3 Link Building Strategies for an Effective SEO

Google's new updates to its algorithms have made SEO practices take a sharp turn. What once was a system all about the number of links and other relevant statistics is changing; rather dramatically too! Google is saying enough to the trashy (and crappy) contents that keep circling around of which is devoid of any amount of value; forcing web sites and blog owners to take more 'natural' steps in their quest for attaining sky high page rankings. Here are 3 link building strategies that will help you get on your toes with all of the new stuff happening in Google's algorithm. Read on!  

3 Link Building Strategies:

1. Blog Commenting for Random non-brand Keywords

 Most of us, particularly blog and website owners spend a great deal of our time browsing through the pages of the internet in search for material, content and ideas similar to ours. However, there is a great something of an opportunity that many of us miss... commenting on the other blogs that we pass through! True enough though, blog commenting is a practice frowned upon by quite the number of bloggers... and for good reason too! We have Black Hat SEO practitioners to blame for that; they spam and comment a lot of nonsense and will practically do anything for a cheap shot at getting a follow up on their link. This is not what we are after. And besides, there isn't really much to gain from methods such as those anyway. What we want is to genuinely communicate with the blog owner and his community of readers and followers as well. This way, doors are opened for relationship building.

Wait a minute! How in the world is making virtual friends going to help you in the first place? It's quite simple really! Say you form a really solid bond with another blogger because you constantly participate in his blogs through engaging in conversations both with him and his network; chances are extremely high that he will do the same with your blog! Eventually he will be linking back to you in posts like it was the nature intended things to be. Of course there all of this is assuming that your blogs are of similar topics and taste and that you have interesting and quality based articles as well. Don't forget that you will also gain an insane amount of traffic through the other blog owner's community, that's a guarantee!

 The one important thing to keep in mind when blog commenting though: is never to engage in spamming. It may be more damaging than helpful to your site ranking and your reputation. A bad online reputation is as bad as a bad real-world reputation... probably even worse. Aside from that, just be genuine in your desire to make friends and you'll be fine. So go on and build relationships!  

2. Guest Posting for Key keywords via co-citation

You've probably noticed how fast the Google algorithm is becoming less and less of a virtual robot to something with more resemblance to a human being. The past algorithms allowed Google to scan through our websites for links, but now it can actually read the stuff on it! It kind of feels like my very complacent (lazy) boss being replaced by Robocop! This is why co-citation is about to become the name of the game.

Co-citation, simply put, is the mention of a name, brand or web address from an external source. It does not necessarily include any links whatsoever. Let's say, for example purposes, that a user commented on some website mentioning my blog domain, which is dedicated to ice creams, saying that my chocolate ice cream recipe is great. Google can detect that and understand that it is a reference to my blog even without it being linked literally and may in turn increase my site ranking! If someone does a Google search of 'chocolate ice cream' my blog will be listed even if I have no mention of 'chocolate ice cream on my landing page.

Your goal now should be pretty clear, get yourself mentioned in other sites! There are many ways to do this. You can host product reviews and giveaway free stuff for every person who reviews your product. Of course there is always guest posting, one of the remaining traditional yet effective link building strategies. Just make sure to always stay away from black hat activities!  

3. Forum Posting for Brand Keywords via engagement

A great strategy for link building is engaging in forums related to your topic of interest and what you base your blog upon. The forum is a place where multitudes of bloggers, web masters and readers gather to share a piece of their brain. Participate as much as you can in forums and build a name for yourself by becoming a reliable source of information. Eventually, when you are reputable enough, people will be mentioning and linking back to your site endlessly.

Conclusively, I think it is safe to say that link building is most certainly not dead yet! Keep these strategies in mind whenever you are online! Remember to make a lot of friends; they are the key to your page ranking success!  

About The Author: Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Diploma of business from Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter. 


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