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9 Jan 2013

Responsive Web Design. Not a trend, but need of the hour!

The Smartphone war is at peak; every manufacturer is trying to take the lead while providing the customers with high tech products. Smartphone’s are not just helping the companies earn huge benefits, but users are also at the gaining end. Future is near when Smartphone’s will totally replace the desktops and laptops.

Smartphone’s seem to be the future of web browsing. The most interesting thing is this trend has huge effect over web designing practices. Responsive web design is the term echoing in the web world that every client wants and every web designing company claims to provide. This writing is all about responsive web designing and its advantages to the web based businesses.

What A Responsive Design In Actual Is?

A responsive design actually means designing a website with high readability for the user and smooth navigation without enough scrolling or window resizing. The definition is not just limited to these factors, but extends to making a single site responding to all the devices the same way.

Reasons Behind Need Of A Responsive Web Design

The top of all reasons is visitors of a website want to access the site from any device and want to have the same experience. Websites appear differently on desktops, laptops, and Smartphone’s, and only a responsive web design can deliver the same on all devices.  It’s the responsibility of a web designer as well as the website owner to provide the site visitors with such an enhanced site experience that they could come again and again.

Visitor retention is the main advantage of having a responsive web design. It’s not necessary that a user accesses a website from the same device each time, so to make them coming again and again, responsive web design is the need of the hour.

A responsive web design adjusts automatically without giving the visitor a reason to use the customized versions of the site.

Disadvantage Of Separate Mobile Site

Some websites offer the site visitors with navigation to a mobile version of the site form the main site, that is studded with less graphics and make the visitors left with thirst. It also results in wrong hitting of the links by the visitors. Responsive web design removes awkwardness as well as fear of mobile browsing.

Other than just sizing a website, a responsive web design removes the unnecessary stuff, supports easy navigation without zooming in, and makes the things clear what a visitor wants to see.
In near past, websites were clunkier, stuffed with unnecessary things. With Smartphone revolution, browsing has become a common habit and online businesses are also increasing in number; all helping the rise of responsive web designing. Without following this hot trend, not a single business can think about winning the hearts of huge clientele. It’s not just about following the trend, but to survive in the tough global market. 

About The Author: Emma Jones is social media addict and tech blogger that covers latest news in web design, development and E-marketing. She has been serving Vania Technologies (Web Design Dundee Based Company) as Project Manager for the last one year. The company has record of successful projects in the fields of website designing, web development, and internet marketing. Emma’s company Facebook Page.


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