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29 Jan 2013

Techniques To Help Creating Single Page Websites

To make a website stand apart from the crowd, there are several trends prevailing in the industry and followed by the professional web designers. The most popular idea is to use single page websites for the sake of presenting important information to the prospective customers in a go. These kinds of websites are popular for mobile apps as well as landing pages where only the relevant information is needed. 

This writing will provide some good stuff to help the young web designers who want to plunge into the area of single page web designing and making them effective and yielding for the businesses. The techniques aren’t tough to learn and practice, as experienced by web design Edinburgh experts. 

Parallax Scrolling

Although, the concept is new to many web designers due to the complexity involved behind it, still there are large numbers of websites using this technique to create stunning one page websites. Pixel Stadium is one such website built using this technique, which facilitates the visitors to skip various sections of the page. The website has responsive web design, which makes it mobile friendly and flexible for the end users. 

Mobile Landing Pages

The Smartphone world has revolutionized the business world as every web owner wants to have his/her website accessible onto Smartphones because of the increasing numbers of browsers searching through the smart devices. The websites available in the form of mobile apps need just one page and involve less efforts and create the desired response.
The best example of such a website is Infomatic App, which is a minimalist website with less data. There are more screenshots of the app and the App Store button, supporting high sales volume. 

Hiding The Navigation Bars

Layouts with scrolling bars in the window after some distance are used to save space. Such kinds of navbars are hidden from the remaining content and appear in case of missing top navigation. Radiologie is the best example of a website built using such a technique. The navigation bar is matched with the main website theme, which allows using design styles in any number. 

Dynamic Transitions

If you create your own dynamic page animations, then it would be painstaking. For those new to JavaScript, this technique isn’t good to go with. However, it could be a great learning venture for the interested developers. FK-Agency website can be a great example of this kind of designing technique. The website has vertical as well as horizontal scaling. Only navigation links can be used for page up/down. The technique can be confusing for the visitors, so need common sense of the designer. 

Horizontal Sliding

Although this technique resembles the dynamic transitions, but there are many open source plugins, covering the horizontal panels. This technique isn’t tough to execute if searched properly through Google. Numidia is the best example built using this technique. The task of horizontal sliding is performed by top right navigation buttons. These codes are allowed by jQuery to run even at legacy browsers, so creating one page site isn’t tough using this technique.

Have you found these techniques interesting to create single page websites? If you know any more techniques, do share here. 

About The Author: Emma Jones, writer of this post, has a professional background of writing spread over years. With expertise in writing on web designing and related topics, she works with Vania Technologies as a project manager. Visit here for more information.


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