Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Announced During Nintendo Direct

Capcom has officially announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a brand new expansion to last March’s Switch exclusive, during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation. The “massive” expansion is due Summer 2022 and will include new stories, locales, and monsters per the quick teaser trailer. Though not shown in the trailer, the expansion will also include hunting […]

Halo Infinite Apparently Lets You Push The Flag With A Vehicle In CTF

It appears that in Halo Infinite’s capture the flag mode vehicles can push the flag across the map, providing a new way to move the flag. In a short clip shared on Reddit, gameplay of capture the flag on the Behemoth map shows a player shoving the enemy flag with a ghost, moving it across […]

A New Formula May Help Black Patients’ Access to Kidney Care

For decades, doctors and hospitals saw kidney patients differently based on their race. A standard equation for estimating kidney function applied a correction for Black patients that made their health appear rosier, inhibiting access to transplants and other treatments. Thursday, a task force assembled by two leading kidney care societies said the practice is unfair […]

Diablo 2: Resurrected Online Servers Down For Maintenance Following Launch Issues

Diablo II: Resurrected is now live, but it is unfortunately suffering from online stability issues. Blizzard has taken the game’s online functionality down for maintenance. Players have reported being unable to create new characters or log in to existing ones. Issues creating and joining worlds hosted by other players are also being reported. To address […]