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Analogue Super NT And Mega SG Consoles Are Back In Stock

August 11, 2021 - Posted in Games Posted by:

Retro hardware manufacturer Analogue has restocked its inventory with a fresh supply of Super NT and Mega SG consoles. Designed for enthusiasts of an older era of gaming, the Super NT can play any game on a SNES cartridge while the Mega SG can handle any Genesis cart inserted into it. To complete the package, the digital analogue converter (DAC) that’s designed for older displays is also on sale again.

Both consoles were hot-ticket items when they first arrived, quickly selling out thanks to their ability to deliver quality retro gaming with accurate colors on high-definition screens when compared to other emulation options on the market. Both consoles have an attractive and compact physical design as well, which helped Analogue quickly sell out of available units when they first arrived on the market a few years ago.

Analogue has limited purchases to two per customer per console, and all orders will ship by the end of the week.

Mega SG


“Some people will always prefer to go the route of using emulators, and others may only want to play with original hardware and stick to aftermarket mods,” critic Peter Brown wrote in his Mega SG review. “But if you are open to the idea of a third-party Genesis console, and you want the peace of mind knowing that it looks and sounds better than the best original console from Sega, there’s no better option on the market than the Mega Sg.”