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Figure It Out – A List Apart

Color is, without a doubt, the visual element most often misunderstood and misused. Article Continues Below As mentioned earlier, when designing visual representations, color is often the first visual encoding that people use. It’s also quite limited to about a dozen, distinguishable colors. It’s a potent visual element, but one fraught with accessibility and perceptual […]

Jobs To Be Done – A List Apart

In this chapter, you’ll learn about these plays: Article Continues Below How to create a jobs-driven roadmap Using job stories to solve specific design problems How to architect the structure of a solution Testing assumptions directed by JTBD A software company I once worked for held what were called “hackweeks” once a quarter. This was […]

Usability Testing for Voice Content – A List Apart

It’s an important time to be in voice design. Many of us are turning to voice assistants in these times, whether for comfort, recreation, or staying informed. As the interest in interfaces driven by voice continues to reach new heights around the world, so too will users’ expectations and the best practices that guide their […]