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Typography – A Mathematical approach in Web design

In web design there is always a time where we have to decide the dimensions of our web page but which are the correct dimensions? In which criteria do we choose these proportions?“Decision based in Instinct is memory in disguise”. Proportions that recurring in books for centuries, are chosen based in mathematics and the arts! […]

Meta Tags & Headings – SEO Principles Round 1

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that describes all the technics you can use to make your websites have better search results, without having to pay anything for it. Starting from this article we are going to examine everything we can do to make this possible. Just to give you an idea, some of the things […]

The Easy Way to Web Design

Simple principles to guide you through ‘harmless’ web design. The basic, the first and the last rule is: Keep it Simple! 1.Make clear to your visitors what it’s all about, what’s this web site’s purpose. Create a ‘simple’, layout with clearly defined areas for your Site’s pages and make sure that there is, for example, […]