Marvel’s Avengers Adds Paid XP Boosts, And People Are Not Happy

Marvel’s Avengers has introduced a controversial new feature, XP boosts that can be purchased with real money, and some portion of the game’s audience is upset. Players can now purchase “consumables” with credits, a currency that can be acquired with real money, according to VGC. “Consumables can be used to temporarily boost the amount of […]

Resident Evil 7 Passes 10 Million Copies Shipped

2017’s Resident Evil 7 continues to sell, as Capcom has announced the game has now surpassed 10 million copies shipped worldwide. The game has shipped more than 1 million copies every fiscal year since its release, and in total, it has now hit 10 million units shipped. That makes it the first game in the […]

Metroid Dread Guide: Tips To Know Before Visiting Planet ZDR

Metroid Dread is here, and it marks the conclusion to the decades-long story that’s been told across the 2D side of the series, dating back to the original Metroid. While it may be a landmark game in that sense, the actual structure of it is very much still what you’d expect from a Metroid, as […]

Where Is Xur Today? (Oct. 8-12) – Destiny 2 Xur Location And Exotics Guide

The Trials of Osiris are back this weekend in Destiny 2, and Grandmaster Nightfalls are on the menu, bringing a whole lot of endgame content for you to enjoy this week. That makes this a great time to visit Xur to grab yourself some new Exotics and legendary weapons and armor. We’re waiting for Xur […]