Good Luck Trying to Fix the Supply Chain Crisis

Cole’s experience hints at the range of factors currently buckling the global supply chain. First, the items were manufactured incorrectly, which Cole’s suppliers blamed on the rationing of power in China as the country attempts to lurch away from coal power; then Cole’s contacts in China couldn’t find a cargo ship to fulfill the order. […]

Austria’s Covid Surge Is a Warning to the World

At University Hospital Salzburg, intensive care doctor Andreas Kokofer has been observing the surge of Covid-19 infections with a grim inevitability. With cases having reached a daily record high of 15,809 on November 19, Kokofer and colleagues are bracing themselves for an influx of patients. The state of Salzburg is a particular hotspot of the […]

How to Deal With Difficult Family During the Holidays

MedCircle, with 1 million subscribers, is another binge-worthy channel for anyone who enjoys listening to mental health content during long trips. The channel says it updates its content every week, offering interviews with world-class psychiatrists and psychologists. Both of these channels have accompanied me on long trips home, and they provide an abundance of tools […]

Can AI Truly Give Us a Glimpse of Lost Masterpieces?

In 1945, fire claimed three of Gustav Klimt’s most controversial paintings. Commissioned in 1894 for the University of Vienna, “the Faculty Paintings”—as they became known—were unlike any of the Austrian symbolist’s previous work. As soon as he presented them, critics were in an uproar over their dramatic departure from the aesthetics of the time. Professors […]