The T-Mobile Data Breach Is Much Worse Than It Had to Be

In an email overnight, T-Mobile shared details about the data breach it confirmed Monday afternoon. They’re not great. Assorted data from more than 48 million people was compromised, and while that’s less than the 100 million that the hacker had initially advertised, the vast majority of those affected turn out not to be current T-Mobile […]

Watch a Hacker Hijack a Capsule Hotel’s Lights, Fans, and Beds

Kyasupā wondered if he could hack his hotel’s iPod Touch controls after they handed it to him at check in, but he didn’t want to waste his vacation time reverse-engineering the system. He says he changed his mind after a noisy neighbor kept him up for several nights. “I thought it would be nice if […]

Beyond Kaseya: Everyday IT Tools Can Offer ‘God Mode’ for Hackers

When WIRED reached out to Jamf for comment, the company’s chief information security officer, Aaron Kiemele, pointed out that the Black Hat research doesn’t point to any actual security vulnerabilities in its software. But “management infrastructure,” Kiemele added in a statement, always holds “allure to attackers. So any time you’re using a system to manage […]

NFC Flaws Let Researchers Hack ATMs by Waving a Phone

For years, security researchers and cybercriminals have hacked ATMs by using all possible avenues to their innards, from opening a front panel and sticking a thumb drive into a USB port to drilling a hole that exposes internal wiring. Now one researcher has found a collection of bugs that allow him to hack ATMs—along with […]