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No More Heroes 3 Trailer Introduces 10 Very Weird Alien Superheroes

July 30, 2021 - Posted in Games Posted by:

After saving the world from the deadliest assassins alive, anti-hero Travis Touchdown will be facing a more galactic-level threat in No More Heroes III: alien superheroes. Led by Jean-Baptise the Sixth aka FU, the latest threat to the planet is a collection of very dangerous and very weird alien invaders.

The Galactic Superhero Ranking members include space-ore dealer Gold Joe, alien kidnapper Black Night Direction, memory thief Vanishing Point, gastro cannon Velvet Chair Girl, and dark world princess Midori Midorikawa. As for the identity of the final members, developer Grasshopper Manufacture is keeping details on the “Big Four” under wraps for now.

In case you missed out on the previous No More Heroes games, Grasshopper did release a trailer a few months back that sort of explains everything that’s going on. If you’re in a hurry, all you need to know is that anime fan Travis Touchdown once bought a beam-saber that’s legally distinct from the lightsabers seen in Star Wars and decided to become the greatest assassin in the world.

After killing all of his competition and engaging in several other adventures, Touchdown’s dream became a terrible reality.

The good news is that the first two No More Heroes games were released on PC in June, so there’s still time to catch up on Touchdown’s saga before No More Heroes 3 arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27.

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