‘s 2021 Wish List: 31 Amazing Gifts for the Best People in Your Life

The Reviews team spends all year testing out the latest fleet of gadgets. We ride ebikes, break a sweat with workout headphones, and drink a lot of coffee to help you decide how to spend your money. Every year, a handful of those gizmos stand out to us. They strike us as things that would […]

Researchers Want to Restore ‘Good Noise’ in Older Brains

To eavesdrop on a brain, one of the best tools neuroscientists have is the fMRI scan, which helps map blood flow, and therefore the spikes in oxygen that occur whenever a particular brain region is being used. It reveals a noisy world. Blood oxygen levels vary from moment to moment, but those spikes never totally […]

Why Bosses Are Inflexible About Flexible Work Arrangements

Ever feel like your boss just doesn’t understand you? That’s because they don’t—and that’s especially true when it comes to flexible working. Future Forum, a research group backed by Slack, runs its quarterly “Pulse” survey of 10,000 knowledge workers alongside focus groups with their bosses across six countries, including the US and UK. For the […]

This Rolex Is Made Using Eye-Surgery Lasers

Although traditionally a repository for analog skills and long-established craftsmanship, today’s luxury watch industry has developed the canny capacity to source high-tech innovations from sectors that have no connection with the watch world whatsoever.  The high potential strength of carbon fiber—realized in 1963 at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, a research facility owned by the British […]