Now THAT’S What I Call Service Worker! – A List Apart

The Service Worker API is the Dremel of the web platform. It offers incredibly broad utility while also yielding resiliency and better performance. If you’ve not used Service Worker yet—and you couldn’t be blamed if so, as it hasn’t seen wide adoption as of 2020—it goes something like this: Article Continues Below On the initial […]

Keeping Your Design Mind New and Fresh – A List Apart

“Only a fool knows everything.” Article Continues Below — African Proverb Since March 2020, most of us have been working from home, and the days blend into each other and look the same. This is not the first time I have experienced this type of feeling.  My commute — New York to New Jersey — […]

How to Get a Dysfunctional Team Back on Track – A List Apart

Maybe you’ve been part of a team that you’ve seen slowly slide into a rut. You didn’t notice it happen, but you’re now not shipping anything, no one’s talking to each other, and the management’s Eye of Sauron has cast its gaze upon you. Article Continues Below Maybe you’ve just joined a team that’s in […]

The Future of Web Software Is HTML-over-WebSockets – A List Apart

The future of web-based software architectures is already taking form, and this time it’s server-rendered (again). Papa’s got a brand new bag: HTML-over-WebSockets and broadcast everything all the time. Article Continues Below The dual approach of marrying a Single Page App with an API service has left many dev teams mired in endless JSON wrangling […]