Serif or Sans-Serif ?

For many years there is a “war” going on about the legibility of the sans serif fonts over serif fonts and vice versa and the right use of them inside a web page or article. Fonts Through the years there were a lot of different opinions or suggestions indicating the superiority of the one type […]

Less Myths – Better Ranking – SEO Principles Round 3

And here it is… this is the last “chapter” of SEO principles tutorial and this one is going to be simple, direct and full of truths everybody still ignoring! In the previous chapters of this tutorial we talked about the importance of the page titles, keywords, links, anchor text, heading and customized content. Here we […]

Machinarium Review – A Point-and-Click Adventure Game

Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game which made a very good impression with its particular style based on a non-dialog gameplay. Instead, Machinarium is based in a thought-bubbles gameplay in order to help you solve the various puzzles. Plot Your main character, a robot named Joseph, is found in a scrap heap trying to assemble himself while its […]

Website Protection – Protect Your Site From Possible Attacks

In this article we are going to analyze some of the basic options you have when it comes to protecting your website from internet threats and also inform you about the most common threats that lurk out there! Most Known Threats 1. Cross Site Scripting (XSS) The most common type of attack out there is […]