Good Luck Trying to Fix the Supply Chain Crisis

Cole’s experience hints at the range of factors currently buckling the global supply chain. First, the items were manufactured incorrectly, which Cole’s suppliers blamed on the rationing of power in China as the country attempts to lurch away from coal power; then Cole’s contacts in China couldn’t find a cargo ship to fulfill the order. […]

A Showcase Of Lovely Little Websites — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ Instead of spending your coffee break scrolling through your social feeds, how about a lovely little website instead? We came across some fantastic ones that are just too good not to be shared. But be warned, your break might take a bit longer than intended. A map that blends past and present, a […]

Great Resignation? Tech Workers Try a Great Reconsideration Instead

Ernest Ogbuanya spent the pandemic working from his home in Virginia, near Amazon’s HQ2, supporting the Amazon Web Services network. The work could be stressful—thousands of businesses rely on the Amazon cloud—but Ogbuanya liked knowing the work was important, and that he could do it without leaving his house. Then Amazon announced that everyone would […]

Can a Digital Reality Be Jacked Directly Into Your Brain?

1. A young man in a gray flannel robe sits calmly at a table, in front of a featureless black box. He’s wearing a cap that looks like it’s made of gauze bandages. A bundle of wires snakes out of it, emerging from the back of his head. He’s waiting for something. A researcher in […]