Discord Is Testing A YouTube Integration Feature

Discord has started to test Watch Together, a collaboration between YouTube and the popular chat service that will allow users to watch YouTube videos together, The Verge reports. The move comes after legal action from Google shut down a number of Discord’s most popular user-created bots, which were widely used for the same purpose. The […]

Respawn Teases More Titanfall After Reports The Franchise Is On The Backburner

Respawn wants you to know it hasn’t given up on Titanfall, despite recent reports to the contrary. Yesterday, news outlets picked up a comment from Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza, who said that the company was working on too many games to focus on Titanfall right now. In response to the reports, the company has […]

Destiny 2 Shattered Realm – Debris of Dreams Awoken Data Caches Guide

As you upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost, you can unlock new mysteries hidden in the Shattered Realm, one of the new areas added with the season. Among those mysteries are Awoken Data Caches, which you’ll want to find to unlock new information about the story as it unfolds and […]

Can I Run Apex Legends? System Requirements And Recommended Specs

Respawn Entertainment’s massively popular free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends is available across pretty much every platform, including PC, the system requirements for which are outlined below. On PC, the hero-based shooter is available through both EA’s own storefront, Origin, and through Steam, offering cross-progression between the two launchers and cross-play between PC and console. Apex […]