Oximeters Used to Be Designed for Equity. What Happened?

As steps toward mitigating racial bias, Hewlett-Packard’s engineers marshaled a range of more inclusive approaches to oximetry. The instrument’s baseline calibrations were set by working with a “carefully selected” group, including 248 Black volunteers—which is, notably, 246 more nonwhite people than the FDA currently suggests for pre-market testing of the oximeters in hospitals today. Most […]

You Need to Weigh Some Water. All You’ve Got Is a Paper Clip

Let’s suppose you need to measure the mass of some water, and you want to construct a scale to do it. But you are in a normal house filled with normal stuff. There’s no fancy scientific equipment. Can you do it with a common household item? I think this is indeed possible, and I’m going […]

Get Your Covid Vaccine, Win a Million Dollars

LG: Does that count for cats and dogs? AR: Can you bring a carrier, right? LG: Yes. Can they have the other first-class seat? AR: As far as I can tell, you can do whatever you want in first class. LG: OK. AR: I think that’s how that works. The cat can fly by itself, […]

Slidgo X8 Review: A Lightweight Electric Scooter

The throttle sits on the right handlebar, and you gently push it down as you kick off to get the 350-watt motor going. When it hits the six-second mark, you’ll hear a beep (it’s noisy, remember?), which means that the cruise control has turned on. That means you can leave the throttle alone and simply […]