Twitter’s Photo Crop Algorithm Favors White Faces and Women

Last fall, Canadian student Colin Madland noticed that Twitter’s automatic cropping algorithm continually selected his face—not his darker-skinned colleague’s—from photos of the pair to display in tweets. The episode ignited accusations of bias as a flurry of Twitter users published elongated photos to see whether the AI would choose the face of a white person […]

Apple Watch gets a motion-controlled cursor with ‘Assistive Touch’ – TechCrunch

Tapping the tiny screen of the Apple Watch with precision has a certain level of fundamental difficulty, but for some people with disabilities it’s genuinely impossible. Apple has remedied this with a new mode called “Assistive Touch” that detects hand gestures to control a cursor and navigate that way. The feature was announced as part […]

My Mother Is Gone. But Her Digital Voice Helps Keep Me Well

One afternoon, a couple of months before my mother died of colon cancer, I crowded onto her bed to join her and my aunt where they lay side by side, my 8-month-old daughter playing between them. I pulled out my phone to record the two of them as they talked.  “What’s something you remember from […]