My Mother Is Gone. But Her Digital Voice Helps Keep Me Well

One afternoon, a couple of months before my mother died of colon cancer, I crowded onto her bed to join her and my aunt where they lay side by side, my 8-month-old daughter playing between them. I pulled out my phone to record the two of them as they talked.  “What’s something you remember from […]

A Zombie-Fire Outbreak May Be Growing in Alaska and Canada

Each winter, as snow blankets Alaska and northern Canada, the wildfires of the summer extinguish, and calm prevails—at least on the surface. Beneath all that white serenity, some of those fires actually continue smoldering underground, chewing through carbon-rich peat, biding their time. When spring arrives and the chilly landscape defrosts, these “overwintering” fires pop up […]

Help! Should I Hoard My Vacation Hours?

Dear OOO, I’m not ready to travel yet. And it seems silly to use my hard-earned vacation time when I’m just sitting at home. I could just keep working while saving my free days for a blowout trip later this year. But I’m tired, and I really feel like I need a break. What should […]

The World Loses Under Bill Gates’ Vaccine Colonialism

After weeks of immense pressure, the Biden administration came out in support of waiving intellectual property rights to coronavirus vaccines. Shortly after the Biden announcement earlier this month, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also reversed course and endorsed the patent waiver. But Bill Gates himself, subject to revived scrutiny around sexual misconduct and perhaps […]