Don’t End Up on This Artificial Intelligence Hall of Shame

When a person dies in a car crash in the US, data on the incident is typically reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Federal law requires that civilian airplane pilots notify the National Transportation Safety Board of in-flight fires and some other incidents. The grim registries are intended to give authorities and manufacturers […]

Standing Desk Deal: Flexispot’s Adjustable Desk Is $100 Off Today

Standing desks aren’t the answer to the sitting epidemic—you should get moving instead—but they’re a good way to stretch your legs if you work from home. The desk’s adjustable height lets you add accessories like a walking treadmill underneath to rank up your daily step count or an under-desk bike if you want to try […]

404: Not Found – GameSpot

404: Not Found – GameSpot Welp, you seem to be lost but while you’re here…. Feel free to explore the dungeon down below you, in order to find treasure! Take me back to homepage or use our search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Use on your keyboard. Press enter to open chests and […]

The Sneaky, Lying Flower That Pretends to Be a Rotting Beetle

It was the butterflies that tipped them off. Thomas Rupp, a PhD student in ecology at the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg, was walking through a mountain forest with his teammates near Athens, Greece, when he saw them: the insects that, when in caterpillar form, feed on a special kind of plant called Aristolochia microstoma. “Wherever […]