Red Dead Redemption 2 And Rainbow Six Siege Getting DLSS Support

PC gamers looking to get a combination of power, performance, and wild west action can look forward to seeing Red Dead Redemption 2 check all three of those boxes soon. Nvidia will be adding DLSS support to both developer Rockstar’s western sandbox and Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, giving both games an edge in improving performance […]

The Mayor of Reno Is Betting Big on the Blockchain

Hillary Schieve, the mayor of Reno, Nevada, takes my arm before we jaywalk across the street from City Hall. She continues clutching it as we traverse the gritty public plaza on the other side, and does not let go until we reach the foot, or rather fin, of our destination: a hulking steel and stained-glass […]

This Arcane Manual Could Pave the Way to More Human-Friendly Cities

There’s a reason that a stop sign in Sheboygan looks like a stop sign in Seattle. There’s a reason that road lanes are divided by white and yellow markings in both places too. There’s also a reason why, if a bicycle lane symbol etched on the street is accompanied by a word, like “SLOW,” the […]

Peanut the Waiter Robot Is Proof That Your Job Is Safe

Robots also lack the kind of intelligence, manual dexterity, and people skills that any good cook, host, or server relies on to keep their diners happy. Can Peanut talk down a customer who’s irate because their eggs were fried instead of scrambled? Can it deftly plate a tuna tartare and avocado tower, and do a […]