Indie Video Games Have Finally Embraced the Tabletop Scene

Monster Train isn’t alone. We are living through a renaissance of video games that take direct influence from tabletop ideas. Take 2017’s Slay the Spire, one of the most popular games on the internet. A lonely knight ventures through a grim gauntlet of beasties, slowly adding better cards to their deck. There’s Dicey Dungeons, a […]

Setting Up A Currency Convertor With — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Leonardo Losoviz is a freelance developer and writer, with an ongoing quest to integrate innovative paradigms (Serverless PHP, server-side components, GraphQL) … More about Leonardo ↬ Amazon allows visitors to display prices in their own currency. Thanks to, we can do the same for our online shops, providing a better experience […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases Final Patch 1.7.1, Gets Review Bombed On Steam

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ newest patch 1.7.1 will also be its last, after Creative Assembly announced that it would be winding down production in favor of a new Three Kingdoms game. While the patch is expansive and contains many of the fixes previously promised by the developers, some promised content was never added to the […]