Learn How To Build IoT Devices With ESP32 With This Expert-Led Training

Convenience has always been the driving force of human ingenuity. From its simplest forms such as hand tools, wheels, and inclined planes, technology has allowed humans to live more comfortably. Most modern technology essentially does the same thing, though it’s gotten much more complicated. Your automated sprinkler systems, voice-controlled lights, and smart doorbells are just […]

This Dam Acts Like a Water Cannon. Let’s Do Some Physics!

When people build dams—giant walls that hold back entire lakes and rivers—they have to build an overflow channel called a spillway, a mitigation against flooding. A spillway could be something as simple as a path for water to flow over the top of the dam, or more complicated, like a side channel. Sometimes, there is […]

How to Game on a PC When You Can’t Find a Graphics Card

The GPU shortage keeps getting worse, thanks to surging demand from gamers and cryptocurrency miners, alongside a host of other factors. Prices continue to skyrocket to satirical levels, and Nvidia says the shortage will likely last through all of 2021—which means you may not get that upgrade until next year at the earliest. That’s a […]