I’m a Brood X Cicada. You’re a Horny Human. We Are Not the Same

Editor’s note: In the eastern United States, trillions of Brood X cicadas are emerging from the ground, just as millions of Americans are emerging from their homes and enjoying eased Covid-19 restrictions. Many humans delight in this parallel. WIRED commissioned one cicada for its take. What has six legs, is reemerging after being isolated for […]

New Destruction Allstars Update Will Add Online Bots

Developer Lucid Games took to Reddit to outline some upcoming Destruction AllStars updates, with one specifically adding online bots to all of the PS5-exclusive vehicular combat game’s modes except for Blitz. The studio said it recognizes Destruction AllStars’ peak times and how unpopulated servers can become, hence the inclusion of online bots. Whenever real players […]

Grounded Will Get “Larger And Slightly Less Frequent Updates” With One Coming Late June

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-style survivor game Grounded will no longer receive frequent updates, as developer Obsidian Entertainment confirmed that the studio wants to shift its energy to tackling larger content drops. Obsidian clarified its reasoning for “doing larger and slightly less frequent updates moving forward” on Grounded’s official website. The studio said releasing monthly […]