Mass Effect Has A Big Disdain For Democracy

Nobody likes Udina. It’s pretty clear that, even when he’s working on your side, the human ambassador to Mass Effect’s Citadel council is kind of a piece of shit. At one point, Shepard chides him for caring more about the political gains of a mission to save a bunch of human colonists than the lives […]

Get The Most Out Of Your Music With These Noise-Canceling Headphones

For many of us, headphones have become one of our everyday carry essentials, and we need to check them off the list before leaving home. After all, what would we do without our favorite music playlists and weekly podcasts? Whether it’s for your commute, a hard workout, or just a walk around your neighborhood, a […]

US Soldiers Exposed Nuclear Secrets on Digital Flashcards

As nations around the world continue to seek access to encrypted communications, the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp sued the Indian government this week to challenge new rules requiring that apps be able to trace the “first originator” of messages. Creating such a capability would undermine WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption protections, potentially impacting the privacy and security […]

It’s Tough to Defend ‘Overwatch,’ but It’s Still Unparalleled

Overwatch isn’t just about the guns. Unlike other hero-based shooters, the game, which turned 5 years old this month, has some heroes who don’t even have guns. Instead, characters throw an entire periodic table of projectiles and abilities at each other for 10 minutes, and then do it again. If, somehow, you’ve never played it, […]