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Pokemon Unite: MOBA Will Get Important Update Tomorrow

June 16, 2021 - Posted in Games Posted by:

The Pokemon Company has announced that on Thursday, June 17, there will be news about Pokemon Unite, the Pokemon MOBA spin-off for Nintendo Switch and mobile. While the company provided no information about what the news will be, it described it as “important.”

Pokemon Unite is being developed by Tencent and Timi Studios, best known for developing Call of Duty Mobile and Arena of Valor. The MOBA was announced during a Pokemon Presents last June and news has been quiet since. The 5v5 multiplayer title has had limited regional betas in the past few months but has not received an official release date. Pokemon Unite was not present during the Pokemon Presents stream in February where Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus were announced.

The main gameplay that has been shown for Pokemon Unite showed a streamlined MOBA experience, with two teams battling to capture control points so they could score points. Pokemon level up and evolve over the course of the match but it doesn’t have any type advantages. The game also includes Pokemon from multiple generations, with Pikachu, Lucario, and Talonflame among the confirmed playable Pokemon.

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