An Explosive Spyware Report Shows the Limits of iOS Security

In fact, the Amnesty International researchers say they actually had an easier time finding indicators of compromise and investigating Apple devices targeted with Pegasus malware than those running stock Android. “In Amnesty International’s experience there are significantly more forensic traces accessible to investigators on Apple iOS devices than on stock Android devices, therefore our methodology […]

How China’s Hacking Entered a Reckless New Phase

For years, China seemed to operate at the quieter end of the state-sponsored hacking spectrum. While Russia and North Korea carried out hack-and-leak operations, launched massively disruptive cyberattacks, and blurred the line between cybercriminals and intelligence agencies, China quietly focused on more traditional—if prolific—espionage and intellectual property theft. But a collective message today from dozens […]

Biden’s Cybersecurity Team Gets Crowded at the Top

(Disclosure: I have worked with nearly everyone mentioned in this article at the Aspen Institute, where most were engaged in the public-private Aspen Cybersecurity Group. I also coauthored a 2018 book on the US government’s approach to cybersecurity with John Carlin.) With the exception of the Justice Department’s team, the key cyber players share a […]

Hackers Got Past Windows Hello by Tricking a Webcam

Biometric authentication is a key piece of the tech industry’s plans to make the world passwordless. But a new method for duping Microsoft’s Windows Hello facial recognition system shows that a little hardware fiddling can trick the system into unlocking when it shouldn’t. Services like Apple’s FaceID have made facial recognition authentication more commonplace in […]