30 Great Deals From Amazon’s Early Black Friday Sale

It’s nearly time for all those Black Friday deals to start tumbling down the discount pipe. But if you can’t wait, don’t worry. Neither can Amazon. We’re already seeing a number of price drops on big-ticket electronics like TVs, headphones, and storage drives. It couldn’t come at a better time, since shipping delays mean the […]

17 Early Black Friday Deals on Amazon Devices: Kindle, Echo, Etc (2021)

amazon has unleashed a slew of early Black Friday deals for its own devices. Looking for a few smart gadgets to enhance your home? There are plenty of options—ranging from a Fire TV Stick to an Echo Dot (including one for kids). Amazon is also offering plenty of discounts for its lineup of Fire tablets […]

Amazon’s Dark Secret: It Has Failed to Protect Your Data

On September 26, 2018, a row of tech executives filed into a marble- and wood-paneled hearing room and sat down behind a row of tabletop microphones and tiny water bottles. They had all been called to testify before the US Senate Commerce Committee on a dry subject—the safekeeping and privacy of customer data—that had recently […]

A Black Woman Invented Home Security. Why Did It Go So Wrong?

Amazon is not the only one. This trend can also be seen with the rise of automated license plate reader systems for individual neighborhoods, Google’s partnership with ADT, and the company’s launch of “smart” security cameras that offer the ability to define “events” to record, recognize friendly faces, and detect noises such as glass breaking. […]