AirTags Are the Best Thing to Happen to Tile

On April 20, Apple blew Tile’s business out of the water. The announcement of AirTags presented Tile, founded in 2012, with a direct, if not better, rival for its main product line. Tile’s tiny trackers, which people attach to keys, bags, and bicycles, have been a hit, bringing in $40 million in investment this September […]

Apple Finally Makes It Easier to Fix Your Own iPhone

The right to repair journey has been a slog; it’s still far too hard to fix the devices you own in the manner of your choosing. State-level bills here and there have nudged the conversation along, though only one has passed. A Joe Biden executive order and subsequent Federal Trade Commission vote gave the movement […]

Hackers Targeted Apple Devices in Hong Kong for Widespread Attack

Since at least late August, sophisticated hackers used flaws in macOS and iOS to install malware on Apple devices that visited Hong Kong-based media and pro-democracy websites. The so-called watering hole attacks cast a wide net, indiscriminately placing a backdoor on any iPhone or Mac unfortunate enough to visit one of the affected pages.  Apple […]

RE:WIRED 2021: Jony Ive on the iPod, Wearables, and LoveFrom’s Future

After 27 years with Apple, Sir Jony Ive decided to start something new. The legendary codesigner of such products as the iPod, the iMac, the iPhone, the MacBook, and the iPad seems to have found himself with a sort of split vision recently. With one eye toward the past, he is also looking keenly into […]