The Best Assistive Technology for Dyslexics

“I always recommend two different tools for kids: speech to text and word prediction,” says Martin. “Luckily, the technology has come a long way and is no longer expensive. Built-in dictation tools on devices like phones, iPads, and Google Docs work incredibly well.” The problem is that kids may not want to use speech to […]

How to Identify Any Song Using Your Phone

Music is everywhere. You could be in a cab or a café, or sitting on your couch, when a new song finds its way into your head and takes up residence. But the sweet joy of discovering a fresh favorite can turn bitter in an instant when you can’t name that tune. Luckily, you can […]

The 17 Best Mac Apps You Should Download Now: Free and Paid

As far as operating systems go, macOS for Apple computers is stable and efficient, but sometimes it feels annoyingly incomplete. Apple doesn’t often listen to its customers, stubbornly refusing to add simple features that would make the platform even easier to use. Stock Apple apps often lack a lot of the functionality we expect in […]

Hundreds of Scam Apps Hit Over 10 Million Android Devices

Google has taken increasingly sophisticated steps to keep malicious apps out of Google Play. But a new round of takedowns involving about 200 apps and more than 10 million potential victims shows that this longtime problem remains far from solved—and in this case, potentially cost users hundreds of millions of dollars.  Researchers from the mobile […]