The Best Hiking Apps to Keep from Getting Lost

Ah, the great outdoors. The flora, the fauna, the welcome mystery of the open trail stretched before you. You’ve left it all behind, until … Wait. Where’s the map? Did you mean to turn left back at that fork? What direction is the campsite anyway? Is it starting to get dark? Don’t lose yourself out […]

These Apps Saved My Sanity (and Probably My Marriage)

After we got married, my husband would forget … a lot. He’d take out the trash and forget to put a new bag in the bin. He’d jot down a grocery list, hop in his car, and take off … sans grocery list. He’d drop the kids off to school and jet off to work, […]

Sleepio Conquered My Insomnia Where Quick-Fix Gadgets Failed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble falling asleep at night. Like many people, I struggle with intrusive thoughts and find it hard to switch off. Bedtime triggers conversation replays, worries about my kids, or my greatest-hits reel of social blunders and embarrassing gaffes. Early waking, hungry cats, tweeting birds, and an […]

Augmented Reality Is Coming for Your Ears, Too

Sharing your earbuds with somebody is, in every important aspect, gross. There must be a compelling reason to want to wedge another person’s waxy nub into your external auditory meatus. Such as love, or an unbearably long flight with no other options (the two are not mutually exclusive). Or a shared experience that demands, in […]