Hit the Road With These Travel-Planning Apps and Tricks

When it comes to loading up step-by-step directions, any places that are in one of your saved lists will appear first when you’re searching for somewhere to navigate to: Just type the first few letters then select the location. Google Maps lets you queue up directions for up to 10 places in succession for the […]

Best Sites, Apps, and YouTube Channels to Learn Music (2021)

Two decades ago, my drum teacher Marty told me how jealous he was of the millennial generation. When sweaty, teenage Marty learned to play, he wore out 10-second increments on his vinyl records as he struggled to master various rolls, cymbal splashes, and fills. My generation could easily loop tough sections on our favorite System […]

Warby Parker Revamps Its Eye Exam App—and Bets on Telehealth

Of course, getting a full exam every year is not always palatable—or possible—for patients. If your prescription expires but you just want new frames, it can be a pain to wait for a proper exam. “The convenience is really important,” says Jorge Cuadros, a clinical telehealth researcher at the UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry. “Right […]

4 Best Music Streaming Services (2021): Spotify, Apple Music, and More Compared

Music streaming services used to be largely defined by their song libraries. For example, Taylor Swift might have been on Apple Music but not on Spotify, and Tidal was originally weighted toward hip hop. Nowadays, these services have similar catalogs, offering millions of songs and playlists, and they generally all release new albums at the […]