Can AI Truly Give Us a Glimpse of Lost Masterpieces?

In 1945, fire claimed three of Gustav Klimt’s most controversial paintings. Commissioned in 1894 for the University of Vienna, “the Faculty Paintings”—as they became known—were unlike any of the Austrian symbolist’s previous work. As soon as he presented them, critics were in an uproar over their dramatic departure from the aesthetics of the time. Professors […]

This Company Tapped AI for Its Website—and Landed in Court

Automating the work of complying with those guidelines could make the web more welcoming. But more than 600 accessibility experts have put their names to a document asking website operators to not use such automation tools, including AccessiBe. Signers include contributors to W3C guidelines and employees of Microsoft, Apple, and Google. “Automated detection and repair […]

RE:WIRED 2021: Timnit Gebru Says Artificial Intelligence Needs to Slow Down

Artificial intelligence researchers are facing a problem of accountability: How do you try to ensure decisions are responsible when the decision maker is not a responsible person, but rather an algorithm? Right now, only a handful of people and organizations have the power—and resources—to automate decision making. Organizations rely on AI to approve a loan […]

RE:WIRED 2021: Kai-Fu Lee and Yoky Matsuoka Imagine AI’s Potential for Good

When we think of artificial intelligence, many of us jump to visions of the future from science fiction—hellscapes like The Matrix, Black Mirror, and The Terminator. But that isn’t necessarily the way things will turn out. Two leading experts in the technology think there’s more cause for optimism than pessimism, even though there will be […]