The Real-Life Quest to Cook All 74 ‘Stardew Valley’ Recipes

If the pandemic had never happened, Ali Z. might never have joined TikTok. But by the time the short, dark January days arrived, she was getting restless. Nearly a year into quarantine, her go-to hobbies—cooking, baking, and playing video games—felt lonely. In particular, she missed cooking for friends and family. “It’s not quite as fun […]

Apps to Help Manage Meals for Different Dietary Needs

What it does: Meant only for people following a gluten-free diet, FindMeGlutenFree makes it easier to locate restaurants that offer gluten-free options. Users can filter by restaurants that are dedicated gluten-free—meaning they don’t make anything that contains gluten—or restaurants with a separate gluten-free menu. Restaurants are peer-reported, so if you find a good one that […]

How to Preserve and Share Grandma’s Recipes

Copy Me That’s Recipe Clipper is designed to store web recipes with the ease of a button you can install on your browser (desktop or mobile.) Simply click to copy a recipe from any website, and even if you modify it to suit your tastes, all recipes retain the original link. The default for recipes […]