How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Fitness Tracker

Halevy says fitness trackers can help gauge our health, but “numbers only give us part of the story.” The other part of the story is analyzing how you feel in your day-to-day life. “I definitely think that they’re beneficial for you to know how much effort you’re putting in, or it’s encouraging to see, like, […]

14 Best Running Socks (2021): For Compression, Moisture-Wicking, Cold Weather, and More

You think nothing of dropping $100 or more on a pair of running shoes. Ditto for the considerable sums you’ve invested in compression tights, hydration vests, and anything else that helps you conquer your own personal mountains. But what about your socks? Small as they are, they’re probably more responsible for your (dis)comfort than anything […]

11 Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out (2021)

Luxurious over-the-ear headphones are plush and comfortable, and they sound great. But for most everyday activities—working out, traveling, and wandering around my house pretending to put things away—I much prefer a pair of convenient, durable, wireless workout buds. Ever since I started testing them, their sound and comfort have improved dramatically. I trail run, hike, […]

How to Use Running Apps to Hit the Road

I love running for the sole reason you can do it anywhere. I’ve run in foreign cities, using the time to explore back alleys and lesser-known monuments. In total, I’ve completed 13 marathons, including Boston, New York, and Chicago. I even ran the Beijing marathon in China. I felt alive pounding the pavement day after […]