Even as China Cracks Down on Tech, AI Companies Plan IPOs

The motives behind the government action are complicated. Officially, it is designed to curb anti-competitive practices, secure private data, and address income inequality or “capitalist excess.” But it also brings powerful businesses closer in line with the Communist Party. “When Alibaba, Tencent, and JD.com are worth billions or even trillions of dollars and yet they […]

Facebook Drops Facial Recognition to Tag People in Photos

Raji said it’s always good when companies take public steps to signal that technology is dangerous but cautioned that people shouldn’t have to rely on voluntary corporate actions for protection. Whether Facebook’s decision to limit facial recognition use makes a larger difference will depend on policymakers. “If this prompts a policymaker to take the conversation […]

This AI predicts how old children are. Can it keep them safe?

Predicting how old someone is based only on how they look is incredibly hard to get right, especially in those awkward early teen years. And yet bouncers, liquor store owners, and other age-restricted goods gatekeepers make that quick estimation all the time. Their predictions are often wrong. Now London-based digital identity company Yoti believes its […]

Clearview AI Has New Tools to Identify You in Photos

Clearview AI has stoked controversy by scraping the web for photos and applying facial recognition to give police and others an unprecedented ability to peer into our lives. Now the company’s CEO wants to use artificial intelligence to make Clearview’s surveillance tool even more powerful. It may make it more dangerous and error-prone as well. […]