Apps to Help Manage Meals for Different Dietary Needs

What it does: Meant only for people following a gluten-free diet, FindMeGlutenFree makes it easier to locate restaurants that offer gluten-free options. Users can filter by restaurants that are dedicated gluten-free—meaning they don’t make anything that contains gluten—or restaurants with a separate gluten-free menu. Restaurants are peer-reported, so if you find a good one that […]

8 Best Coffee Grinders We’ve Reviewed (2021): Conical Burr, Flat Burr, Manual, Blade

Our list consists of mostly conical-burr grinders, for their affordability compared to flat-burr grinders. In a conical grinder, coffee beans are ground between two rings of burrs that crush and grind up the beans. That means you’re getting a more consistent grind than you’d get with a traditional blade grinder, and most burr grinders can […]

The Poop About Your Gut Health and Personalized Nutrition

alt hed: The Poop about Stool Sample Tests and Personalized Nutrition Changing your diet to improve your health is nothing new—people with diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, food allergies, and a host of other conditions have long done so as part of their treatment. But new and sophisticated knowledge about biochemistry, nutrition, and artificial […]

Watch Out, Beyond Burgers—the Fungi Renaissance Is Here

Alternative proteins are booming. Supermarket chiller shelves are crammed with plant-based burgers, bacon, sausages, and their creatively named comrades: chik’ns, mylks, and sheezes. In the UK alone, the sale of meat substitutes grew from £582 million ($800 million) in 2014 to £816 million ($1.1 billion) in 2019. And where customers are going, venture capital is […]