How to Re-Waterproof an Old Rain Jacket

Feel around on the inside of the fabric behind the dark patches. Does it feel wet? If it is (and you’re sure it’s not just sweat), it could be that water is soaking through and your jacket or pants need a new application of DWR. A note about wetting out after heavy rain: Even new, […]

6 Best Cheap Automatic Watches That Feel Luxe (2021)

The maxim that you get what you pay for is a beguiling conceit. In one stroke it denigrates inexpensive items as naturally inferior while extolling the belief that expensive goods are inherently of a higher quality.  But we know this is not always the case. Sometimes there is no genuine luxury contender (see smartphones). Sometimes […]

Best Gear and Tips to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter (2021)

Your home has the airtight integrity of a submarine with a screen door. All that expensive heating you pay for during fall and winter mingles with the cold air continuously spilling in through windows, doors, floors, and electrical sockets. Buildings—even new ones—are a lot draftier than one would expect, and the volume of cold winter […]

What Is Imax Enhanced, and Should You Care?

The new Imax Enhanced format reclaims a huge chunk of that screen real estate. There’s still a little bit of black bar space—TVs usually have an aspect ratio of 1.77:1, which is slightly taller—but you’re getting about a 26 percent larger picture than traditional ultra widescreen movies. Sometimes, when streaming services try to fix the […]