This Barnacle-Inspired Glue Seals Bleeding Organs in Seconds

Then came the pigs. Yuk looped in a team at the Mayo Clinic that was better equipped to operate on large animals. The team wanted to avoid relying on the blood’s natural coagulation ability, since many people undergoing surgery have clotting issues themselves. So, before any experiments, the three test pigs received heparin, a blood […]

The Pain Was Unbearable. So Why Did Doctors Turn Her Away?

The reason these cuts hadn’t worked, some experts believed, was that they had failed to target the patients at highest risk. Around 70 percent of adults have taken medical opioids—yet only 0.5 percent suffer from what is officially labeled “opioid use disorder,” more commonly called addiction. One study found that even within the age group […]

Covid-19 Vaccination Guide: Why It’s Safe, Where to Go, What to Expect

Vaccination sites let you make an appointment so that you can be sure you’re not in for a long wait when you arrive. Now that vaccines are widely available, it’s fine to walk in without an appointment. It’s not guaranteed they’ll have space, though, so if you want to make sure you won’t have a […]

These Algorithms Look at X-Rays—and Somehow Detect Your Race

Millions of dollars are being spent to develop artificial intelligence software that reads x-rays and other medical scans in hopes it can spot things doctors look for but sometimes miss, such as lung cancers. A new study reports that these algorithms can also see something doctors don’t look for on such scans: a patient’s race. […]