How Apps and VR Therapy Can Help OCD Patients

With OCD, as with phobias, there is often a ritual or safety behavior involved that the patient thinks is helping them cope with their fear and make them feel safer, but the rituals actually reinforce the fear. Michael Ambrose, licensed clinical psychologist at My OCD Care, says, “We’re not trying to habituate to the fear, […]

The UK Has a Plan for a New ‘Pandemic Radar’ System

Rivers’ and George’s proposal was read by the right people. Five days after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the new administration committed to creating a National Center for Epidemic Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics. In March, they designated $500 million in funding for it as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. Here’s where the coming US […]

The Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Is a Tale of Weaponized Uncertainty

Does any of that mean, as Washington Post fact-checkers and Wall Street Journal editorialists have written, that the lab leak hypothesis has gained “credibility?” Or, let me ask again: If the virus that causes Covid-19 didn’t jump from animals to people, where did it come from? Was it an animal virus that scientists collected for […]

A New Vaccine Milestone in the US, Shots for India, and More Coronavirus News 

The US hits a new vaccination milestone, Pfizer-BioNTech offers shots to India, and Japan extends its state of emergency. Here’s what you should know: Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines Half of US adults have been vaccinated, and new incentives aim to keep that number rising As […]