Dame Pom Review: An Approachable and Adorable Vibrator

Sex toys are often categorized by their shape and general function. Rabbit vibes are two-pronged vibrators with a little extra prong for clitoral stimulation. Magic wands are shaped like a big thick wand with a blunt vibrating end. Bullet vibes are small, compact little tubes shaped like—you guessed it—bullets.  This vibrator, the Dame Pom, is […]

So You’re Vaccinated! How Can You Let People Know?

It helps that a lot of the swag is cute, and it’s a low-key, affordable way to commemorate the beginning of the end of a life-changing year. I picked up an enamel pin from Etsy, where small, adorable vaccination merch has proliferated. The CDC has printable stickers, as well as digital resources for posting your […]

As the US Unmasks, the Pressure Is on for Vaccine Passports

A year ago, Americans were confronting the unnerving reality that the Covid pandemic wouldn’t be a shared experience: Disruption and risk would unroll differently depending on where they lived and how their local politicians responded. Nationwide, deaths had just crossed 100,000. Washington, DC, remained under a stay-at-home order. In New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

The Drug Trial That Could Actually Produce Covid Treatments

That feels like a good way to deal with the kinds of problems Woodcock and others identified with the drug-trial pipeline. In fact, Woodcock’s FDA this week issued a giant set of new guidelines for creating more of these master-protocol trials. But none of that solves an equally urgent problem: time. It’ll be difficult for […]