The Drug Trial That Could Actually Produce Covid Treatments

That feels like a good way to deal with the kinds of problems Woodcock and others identified with the drug-trial pipeline. In fact, Woodcock’s FDA this week issued a giant set of new guidelines for creating more of these master-protocol trials. But none of that solves an equally urgent problem: time. It’ll be difficult for […]

The Long, Strange Life of the World’s Oldest Naked Mole Rat

Joe has seen dynasties rise and fall. He and his colony mates have spent their years cleaning the nest, caring for the queen, and guarding against intruders as designated workers or xenophobic soldiers. Most of them live relatively healthy lives. And because they live in deep desert burrows, mole rats have few natural predators. So […]

Vaccine Deals for Countries in Need, a Surge in Japan, and More Coronavirus News

Drugmakers strike new vaccine deals, the EU expands travel policies, and Japan fights a new surge. Here’s what you should know:  Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines Drugmakers agree to provide vaccine doses to countries in need Pfizer and BioNTech pledged earlier today to give one billion […]

6 Sex Toy Deals You Can Snag Right Now (2021)

It’s National Masturbation Month! I know that sounds weird, but basically, this is a month for some self-reflection about the highly stigmatized but nearly universal act of self-love. It all started when President Bill Clinton fired then surgeon general Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for suggesting that masturbation should be a part of sex education. The […]