Patient Testimonials Are Unethical And Should Be Banned

Still, he says, a doctor seeking any gift must always consider: “Is the patient really in a vulnerable position where they don’t feel comfortable saying no? Or do they have the impression, whether warranted or not, that their care is going to be affected?” Even if health providers refrain from directly asking patients for blurbs, […]

E-Cigarettes Could Be the New Nicotine Patch

If you’re trying to quit smoking, instead of a stick of nicotine gum or an adhesive square to slap on your upper arm, your doctor could soon hand you an e-cigarette. England could be the first country in the world to allow prescription e-cigarettes, following an announcement on October 29 that the UK Medicines and […]

11 Best Weighted Blankets (2021): Different Sizes, Weights, and More

Touch, like when getting a hug, releases oxytocin in your brain. This hormone contributes to our overall well-being and our ability to handle stress. It’s one of the reasons why we swaddle newborns. But we don’t always have someone to squeeze us. That’s where a good weighted blanket comes in. Weighted blankets use deep pressure […]

A Vaccine Against Valley Fever Finally Works—for Dogs

Plus, because valley fever is a regional disease, a physician needs regional knowledge to recognize its existence. Someone working in New York City might not consider it the way a physician in Las Vegas would. Compounding that lack of recognition, only 26 states (plus Washington, DC) rank it as something public health authorities have to […]