Astronaut Gear of the Future May Fight Bone and Muscle Loss

On Monday, an astronaut capsule that looks like a giant orange juicer splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean, bringing its four-person crew back under the influence of Earth’s gravity. These astronauts have spent six months on the International Space Station, and so the gravity now tugging at their bodies will feel familiar to them, but […]

A New Dementia Test Raises More Questions Than Answers

Our understanding of the mechanism of the disease is shifting, too, in a way that could make early diagnosis more valuable. Dementia has a very long preclinical phase—as long as 20 years, in some cases—during which scans and blood tests can detect subtle changes but symptoms have not yet appeared. Two proteins start to show […]

Big Tech’s Psychedelics Grift | WIRED

But with all due respect to the worried doctors, we’ve already crossed the Rubicon. The latest indication that psychedelics are not solely medical was when Mark Haden of MAPS Canada appeared on Netflix’s the goop lab and nodded sympathetically as (now-former) chief content officer Elise Loehnen talked about goop staffers taking mushrooms in Jamaica in […]

The Race Is On to Develop a Vaccine Against Every Coronavirus

On October 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave most of the US population permission to get a Covid vaccine booster—a shot in such high demand that 10 million people somehow obtained it in advance of that approval in an effort to feel a little safer. Two days after that, the government of […]