More Covid Vaccine Boosters Are Coming. Who Should Get Them?

Reframing the purpose of a booster from preventing disease to blocking any infection moves the goalposts of the vaccine campaign. Some experts consider that justifiable, given all the problems vaccination has encountered: slow roll-out, stubborn resistance to taking the shots, controversy over masks and mandates, and hospitals overwhelmed with severely ill unvaccinated people. “If you […]

The Best Massage Guns and Theraguns (2021): Our Faves and Tips

Massage guns, also known as percussive therapy devices, help relax and soothe sore muscles, whether you’re an athlete or just hunching over a desk all day. Theraguns (made by Therabody) tend to be the best massage guns. We’ve tested to find the best Theraguns, as well as several of the more affordable alternatives available. Our […]

The Malaria Vaccine Is a Big Deal, but Not a Silver Bullet

When Patrick Duffy started his career at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1991, scientists were already a few years into testing a first-of-its-kind vaccine that would protect against malaria. Thirty years later, the World Health Organization has finally recommended the product of that research as a malaria intervention for children under age […]

Very Little Is Keeping Doctors From Using Racist Health Formulas

Recently, two leading medical associations recommended ending a decades-old practice among doctors: using race as one of the variables to estimate how well a person’s kidneys filter waste out of their bodies. Before, clinicians would look at the levels of a certain chemical in blood, then multiply it by a factor of approximately 1.15 if […]