Good Luck Trying to Fix the Supply Chain Crisis

Cole’s experience hints at the range of factors currently buckling the global supply chain. First, the items were manufactured incorrectly, which Cole’s suppliers blamed on the rationing of power in China as the country attempts to lurch away from coal power; then Cole’s contacts in China couldn’t find a cargo ship to fulfill the order. […]

Tips to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

In the history books, we will all be able to plot out each point of the pandemic by what essential item was in short supply. In the beginning, we struggled to keep our homes stocked with bread flour, personal protective equipment, and toilet paper. As time wore on, dumbbells, bikes, graphics cards, and children’s play […]

Trucks Move Past Cars on the Road to Autonomy

But these days, trucks look like a more appealing bet. The American Trucking Association says shippers paid $791 billion to move goods by truck in 2019; by contrast, Aurora estimates the annual market for ride-hail vehicles at $35 billion. Tech developers reason that if they lower the cost of shipping, they can keep a cut […]

As Travel Rebounds, Airlines Are Figuring It Out on the Fly

Before, air travel had certain rhythms. Business travelers flew out on Monday mornings and back on Thursday evenings, filling pricier seats. Come summer, price conscious leisure travelers took to the skies. Crowds flew for Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Christmas, and to specific destinations for events—sports championships, music festivals, fashion weeks. Decades of historical data plugged […]