Blood, Lies, and a Drug Trials Lab Gone Bad

The email that Joe Hagood received in August 2017 was vague and brief, but too unsettling to ignore. Hagood worked at Medpace, a Cincinnati company that tests new drugs for pharmaceutical manufacturers. His job was to supervise the independent research centers that Medpace pays to handle the nitty-gritty of human trials: finding volunteers, dispensing medications, […]

Weighing Big Tech’s Promise to Black America

Mitchell came from a Black family with an entrepreneurial spirit. When he was a teenager growing up in New Haven, Connecticut, his mother and grandmother opened a bakery called the Smith Family Bake Shop. Mitchell himself specialized in making a red velvet cake that he still enjoys baking from time to time. But the shop […]

Day One at the Every: An Excerpt From Dave Eggers’ New Novel

“I think so,” Kiki said. “But you should know—you were the forest ranger!” Delaney cackled idiotically and thought she’d choke. She tried to breathe. “Almost forgot,” Kiki said, seeming alarmed. “Can you download something? I’m sending you an update for your phone.” Delaney found the update and downloaded it. “Got it.” “You’ve been using TruVoice, […]

In a Tiny Arctic Town, Food Is Getting Harder to Come By

It’s easy to think that sea ice would impact only the ocean, but there are many energy exchanges between the terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Seabirds, for example, nest on an island, forage in the water, and then come back on the land, where their guano fertilizes plants. The tundra, as a low-productivity area, relies on […]