Is Becky Chambers the Ultimate Hope for Science Fiction?

Some of that knowledge she put to preprofessional use, writing little fictional stories, mostly fantasy, based on her favorite books and movies. Chambers’ mom introduced her to Tolkien; Star Wars and Star Trek were movie-night mainstays; she was obsessed with Sailor Moon. When Chambers was 12, Contact came out. To explore the unknown, to encounter […]

Greg LeMond and the Amazing Candy Colored Dream Bike

When you’re a kid, a bike spells freedom. Long before you can get a driver’s license, long before you can afford a car, you can hop onto this simple machine that converts human power—through a simple sequence of levers, gears, and wheels—into distance and speed. To ride a bike, all you need is a heart, […]

Rain Boots, Turning Tides, and the Search for a Missing Boy

Later that week, in a video now viewed tens of thousands of times, Jada Brooke fanned the flames. She’d spoken to a family member of Dylan’s, she said, who was “on our side and agrees that something’s not right here.” “I had a vision of him being kicked down a set of stairs … That […]

Pigeons, Curves, and the Traveling Salesperson Problem

In Mo Willems’ children’s book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, the main character—a pigeon, obvs—uses every trick in the book (literally) to convince the reader that it should be allowed to drive a bus when the regular human driver suddenly has to leave. Willems’s book had an unintended scientific consequence in 2012, when […]